Behavior, Balance, Fitness & Focus

A fun and challenging way for you to improve your dog's behavior, focus, health!

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Behavior, Balance, Fitness & Focus

Improve Your Dog's Health & Behavior

Equipment Needed: Two Balance Discs (balance pads, or donuts) Two Donut Holders (Optional) One Donut or Balance Disc For Small Dogs. Other Possible equipment combination include two K9 FITBones, or One FITBones and Two Pawpods

Obedience training alone is not enough to have a healthy and happy pet. By incorporating physical activity , we are able to add fun and exciting mental challenges to traditional dog training. This course is part of one of our foundation classes taught in The Martial ARFS Facilities. The focus is to provide both a sound obedience class combined with some of the necessary physical activity that dogs need. 
The obedience commands of this course are based on a basic foundation of what a well behaved dog should be. Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Place, Off, Leave It, are taught in a manner that provides a functionally obedient dog.  However, the presence of the balance equipment provides a mental challenge to these obedience commands that even the most obedient dog will find difficult. 
As well, the balance equipment provides a level of fitness not seen in your typical obedience program and the benefits are numerous. Balance, body awareness, coordination, focus, strength training all help improve your dog's quality of life. You'll see the results from the physical activity that burns off energy and the focus that it builds for dogs that need to improve behavior. 
This course features over 15 video lessons and provides students direct access to the course instructor through Q & A discussion forums dedicated to each lesson. You'll have access to all the material immediately and the convenience of learning at you're own pace over a 3 month period while still having access to your instructor the entire time.

Work 7 Different Obedience Commands 

  • Behavior Balance "Place" & "Off":
 Because the balance equipment requires your dog to get on and off of the discs, there's almost no better scenario to teach them the "Place" command and, when you're done, the "Off" command. Once learned using the equipment, these commands become practical in any situation.

  • Behavior Balance "Sit":
    This basic command becomes a challenge for even the most obedient dog when using the balance equipment. Stabilizing the balance disc while shifting weight back to perform a "Sit" is one of the most difficult moves your dog can do. 

  • Behavior Balance "Down":
 With forelimbs and hindlimbs on different balance discs, this makes a basic obedience behavior a whole body exercise. Performing the "Down" while on balance discs will ensure your dog will be both obedience and strong.

  • Behavior Balance "Stay": Whether it is a "Sit Stay" or a "Stand Stay", a "Stay" has never been so physically active. This is the perfect way to provide activity for your dog when otherwise they'd be doing nothing physical, even if they were working on their obedience.  

  • Behavior Balance "Come":
 The balance equipment creates a great stationary place to work recalls with your dog. Because they're not moving around you control the distance at which you can practice calling your dog. Long recalls, short recalls it's up to you, they're not moving around so it only gets challenging when you're ready to make it more challenging.

  • Behavior Balance "Leave It" Using the balance equipment to teach the "leave it" command makes it easier and more engaging than in any other situation. You'll be amazed by how quickly your dog picks up on what you want after just a few tries.

Learn Conditioning Exercises For 3 Different Areas:   

  • Forelimb: Exercises that target the forelimbs can help prevent injuries to the shoulder while maintaining a balanced approach to activity.
  • Hindlimb: Exercises targeting the hindlimbs can help prevent injuries associated with rigorous activities or keep hips strong throughout life.
  • Core: Exercises that target the core strengthen muscles that help support the spine, as well as improve your dog's to performance in their sport of other activity.

Behavior, Balance, Fitness & Focus

Balance Disc Training With The "Sit" Command

Practicing commands like "sit" and "stand" while on an unstable platform will improve your dog's obedience while they're engaged in the physical act of trying to maintain their balance when performing the behaviors.

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  • Welcome To The Course!
  • Let Us Get To Know You
  • Behavior, Balance, Fitness, & Focus Discussion Group

Balance Disc Basics

  • Lesson 1: Balance Disc Set Ups
  • Lesson 2: Keeping Your Dog Safe
  • Lesson 3: Getting On The Balance Equipment
  • Lesson 4: Standing On The Balance Equipment
  • Lesson 5: Weight Shifts

Balance Disc Behaviors

  • Lesson 1: Behavior Balance "Sit"
  • Lesson 1a: Behavior Balance "Sit" w/Generalization
  • Lesson 2: Behavior Balance "Down"
  • Lesson 2a: Behavior Balance "Down" Make It An Exercise
  • Lesson 3: Behavior Balance "Stay":
  • Lesson 4: Behavior Balance "Come"
  • Lesson 5: Behavior Balance "Leave It" with "Come"
  • Lesson 5a: Behavior Balance Advanced "Leave It"
  • Lesson 6: Behavior Combinations For Improved Obedience & Fitness

Balance Disc Exercises

  • Lesson 1: The Push Up
  • Lesson 2: The Doggie Squat
  • Lesson 3: Core Strengthening Exercise
  • Lesson 4: Strength Exercise Combinations


  • Final Lesson: Not Just For Learning

Obedience & Exercise™

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About Your Instructor

Jeris  Pugh

Jeris Pugh

The Martial ARFS Owner

Jeris Pugh has been studying canine behavior through practice, publications and live seminars for the past 10 years. He's attended lectures from veterinary behavior experts like Dr. Ian Dunbar, founder of Associations of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and Dr. Lynn Seibert, President of The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB). 

After years of training dogs privately for obedience and competing in disc dog competitions throughout the Northeast, he realized there was something lacking in the dog training world. He set out to create a program that would not only improve dog's behavior, but give them an outlet for their excess energy, and improve their ability to perform their sport or maintain an active life. His experiences beyond the canine world that were instrumental in achieving that goal.

He learned how to create behavioral programs based on structure, technique and discipline while teaching martial arts at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA Centers (the largest martial arts franchise in the Northeast). And he studied & trained under Dr Michael Colgan PHD CCN, creator of The New Power Program, which provides functional athletic training for professional, Olympic & recreational athletes.

He utilized his experience in both the dog world and beyond to combine the concepts of behavioral improvement and the physical outlet that comes along with a disciplined  martial arts class. He used the principles of functional training for human athletes while substituting canine rehabilitative exercises, canine balance, coordination and body awareness drills, and canine sports activities in order to create 
The Martial ARFS.

However, a one of kind dog training program is only as beneficial as someone's ability to reach people with it. So in 2013, he open the first
 Martial ARFS facility in Carle Place, NY (Long Island). After 4 years of success, he's now expanding The Martial ARFS brand with additional facilities and online training so that people throughout the US and the world will be able to benefit from The Martial ARFS

He, along with The Martial ARFS has been featured in numerous articles from, PetMD, Dogster, The I Love Dogs SiteDog ID', and Natural Awakenings with articles on canine fitness, behavior, and the concept of The Martial ARFS itself. In addition, his canine fitness blog averages almost 25,000 views per year.

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