Created by Jeris Pugh, and developed under the guidance of his wife Dr. Eve Pugh DVM, CVA, CCRP, The Martial ARFS™ offers one of a kind activities for your canine athlete or loyal companion. The Martial ARFS first facility opened in October 2013 Carle Place NY (Long Island) just out side of New York City. It boasts a 4200sqft facility is equipped with an Exercise Pool, Dog & Human Treadmills, full agility course, and a vast variety of canine conditioning equipment. After 4 years of successful operation,  in June 2017 The Martial ARFS has begun offering franchise opportunities.

The Martial ARFS is based on the fact that all dogs need obedience training AND physical activity to be happy and healthy. So we combine Physical Activity with reward-based Obedience Training, and Canine Conditioning with Dog Agility & Disc Dog Classes. As well our facility offers Puppy Kindergarten Class for socialization & manners and a class for Senior, Arthritic, Hip Dysplastic, Obese or Blind Dogs.  

For more information about the Martial ARFS™ facilities us at or or visit us @ or you can call our NY facility @ 1-516-280-8331 

Over the past 4+ years we've developed some of the most comprehensive canine conditioning programs available. Derived from the principles of developing function strength for human athletes, our programs are designed to maximize function. This is in contrast to most canine conditioning programs that are derived from canine rehabilitation which is designed to restore function. Here's an article from our blog explaining the difference. The Problem With Canine Conditioning

The focus of The Martial ARFS Online Programs are to bring our principles of canine conditioning for sport and working dogs, and our obedience and exercise philosophy for pet dogs to a great audience. We aim to help you improve your canine athletes performance with conditioning programs that maximize function, or to improve your pet dog's quality of life through our obedience & exercise programs. Either way we're sure that we offer one the best online educational experiences available.

For more information about the Martial ARFS™ Online Services please enjoy this website or us at