First Aid For Emergencies & Injuries To Your Canine Athlete

Injury Is A Part Of Athletic Competition

The Canine Athlete and Working Dog experience isn't like your every day pet. Combining these high drive dogs and the rigors of canine sport can yield a disastrous injury or emergency at any turn. When any injury or emergency occurs, you need to get your dog seen by a veterinarian ASAP.  However, your ability to recognize and take action during the moments right after an injury or other emergency happens while competing, practicing or working your performance dog, might be the difference between your dog's future success in their sport, or potentially saving their life. 

Eve Pugh DVM, CVA, CCRP will offer her 17 years of experience in the busiest ERs of the NYC metropolitan area, in addition to her experience  as a certified canine rehabilitation practitioner. You will gain insight to her knowledge and expertise during this one of a kind First Aid and CPR course specifically for owners of Canine Athletes.

Her unique categorization of emergencies by Life Threatening, Career Threatening, Season Threatening and Competition Day Threatening combined with her Prevention, Recognition, and Action For Emergencies model will not only help you save your canine athlete's career but potentially their life. 

Demonstrating with her retired disc dog Sabre, participants can see exactly how to apply first aid techniques on a real dog.  In addition, she will be working with a replica for procedures that can't be demonstrated on a healthy conscious dog. It is an absolute must for owners of Canine Athletes actively competing with their dog in any sport from dog agility to field trials, Disc Dog to Lure Coursing, as well as high energy high drive active dogs pushing the limits of everyday activities through their life.This course features over 30 video lessons and provides students direct access to the course instructor through Q & A discussion forums dedicated to each lesson. You'll have access to all the material immediately and the convenience of learning at you're own pace over a 3 month period while still having access to your instructor the entire time.

Applying A Forelimb Bandage

Techniques Taught directly by an ER & Rehabilitation Veterinarian

Dr. Pugh demonstrates how to apply a quick bandage to your dog's paw when they're bleeding. You will learn this and a number of other first aid techniques that may make the difference between competing next season or never again.


  • 1

    First Aid For The Canine Athlete Introduction

    • Lesson 1: Welcome To First Aid For The Canine Athlete

    • Lesson 2: Life Or Death, Career Ending, A Missed Season, Or Just Take The Day Off

    • Lesson 3: Prevention, Recognition, & Action For Emergency Situations

    • Lesson 4: This Course Is Not For Diagnosis

  • 2

    First Aid Kit for The Home & The Road

    • Lesson 1: First Aid Kit Items

    • Essential First Aid Kit Items

  • 3

    What's Normal For The Canine Athlete

    • Lesson 1: Why Are Normals Important?

    • Lesson 2: Normals 1: Heart rate and Pulse

    • Lesson 3: Normals 2: Respiratory Rate and Breathing

    • Lesson 4: Normals 3: Body Temperature

    • Lesson 5: Normals 4: Mucous Membranes

    • Lesson 6: Normals 5: Pupils

    • Lesson 7: Normals 6: Hydration Status

    • Lesson 8: Normals 7: Gait And Movement

    • Lesson 9: Normals 8: General Appearance

  • 4

    Life Threatening Emergencies

    • Life Threatening Emergencies Introduction

    • Lesson 2: Life Threatening Emergency 1: Collapse

    • Lesson 3: Life Threatening Emergency 2: Heat Stroke

    • Lesson 4: Life Threatening Emergency 3: Sudden Paralysis

    • Lesson 5: Life Threatening Emergency 4: Bleeding Wounds

    • Lesson 6: Life Threatening Emergency 5: Respiratory Distress

    • Lesson 7: Life Threatening Emergency 6: Choking

    • Lesson 8: Life Threatening Emergency 7: Drowning

    • Lesson 9: Life Threatening Emergency Technique: CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

  • 5

    Career Threatening Emergencies

    • Career Threatening Emergencies Introduction

    • Career Threatening Emergencies 1: Shoulder Injuries

    • Career Threatening Emergencies 2: Stifle Injuries

    • Career Threatening Emergencies 3: Wrist Injuries

    • Career Threatening Emergencies 4: Hypothermia/Frost Bite

  • 6

    Season Threatening Emergencies

    • Season Threatending Emergencies Introduction

    • Lesson 1 Season Threatening Emergency: Toe Injuries

    • Lesson 2 Season Threatening Emergency: Hip and hindlimb Injuries

    • Lesson 3 Season Threatening Emergency: Iliopsoas Strains

    • Lesson 4 Season Threatening Emergency: Fractures

    • Lesson 5 Season Threatening Emergency: Eye Injuries

    • Lesson 6 Season Threatening Emergency: Non Bleeding Wounds

  • 7

    Competition Day Threatening Emergencies

    • Competition Day Threatening Emergencies Introduction

    • Lesson 1 Competition Day Threatening Emergency: Insect Bite/Allergic Reaction

    • Lesson 2 Competition Day Threatening Emergencies: Vomiting/Diarrhea

    • Lesson 3 Competition Day Threatening Emergencies: Spinal injuries (not paralysis)

    • Lesson 4 Competition Day Threatening Emergencies: Nosebleed

    • Lesson 5 Competition Day Threatening Emergencies: Tooth and mouth injuries

    • Lesson 6 Competition Day Threatening Emergencies: Toxin Ingestion

  • 8

    First Aid For The Canine Athlete Conclusion

    • Conclusion

About Your Instructor

The Martial ARFS Veterinary Advisor


Emergency, Rehabilitative & Holistic veterinarian Eve Pugh DVM, CVA offers her 17 years of experience, knowledge and expertise for many of The Martial ARFS online courses.In 1999, she graduated from Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine. Prior, she attended Arizona State University where she received Bachelor’s Degrees in Chemistry and Zoology, Summa Cum Laude.In 2003, she was certified in Veterinary Acupuncture through the College of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado StateIn 2005, she attended the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine's program and received advanced training in Canine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy and is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner.From 2005-2006 she was North Shore Animal League’s Chief Medical Director and was their Lead Veterinarian during their rescue efforts immediately following Hurricane Katrina.From 2005-2013 she competed in local and regional disc dog competitions with her Border Collies Ripley and Sabre.After years of treating dogs of all ages, both canine companion and canine athletes, in 2013, she started Progressive Pet Therapy which specializes in alternative therapies and pain management for companion animals and canine athletes including Acupuncture, Physical Rehabilitation,  Laser Therapy and pain management.Her passion for holistic and preventive medicine led her to the realization that a dog with an active healthy lifestyle prevents the vast majority of conditions that need to be treated with veterinary medicine. Her desire to provide a service to treat animals before they become ill was the inspiration for the Martial ARFS. She has been Veterinary advisor to The Martial ARFS since its inception 4 years ago.