Functional Canine Conditioning Using The Versatility Of The Peanut

Without questions the most versatile piece of canine conditioning equipment is the peanut. Its length creates the ideal platform for a dog to stand.  Its lateral movement targets the area of a dog where it is physically weakest. Its roll creates an ideal platform for dynamic stabilization challenges in order to recreate the unpredictability of intense actions of canine sports. Its height is enough for jump drills, hindlimb or forelimb isolation exercises and there's enough room to practice almost any obedience commands.

The beauty of working with your dog on a peanut supported by  you and the wall or other open support system is the ability to create amazing dynamic challenges. How? Pressure. The pressure controls the difficulty. 

So you are able to increase or decrease your dog's need to stabilize the peanut while performing a movement. That need to stabilize the peanut, while your dog performs a physical movement is the basis for creating dynamic challenges. 

Dynamic challenges recreate the realities of your dog performing in their sport. When your dog is physically active they might find themselves on an unstable surface, their ability to stabilize their body, or the surface, while performing the athletic movement of their sport is essential for injury prevention and improved performance. 

This course features over 20 video lessons and provides students direct access to the course instructor through Q & A discussion forums dedicated to each lesson. You'll have access to all the material immediately and the convenience of learning at you're own pace over a 6 month period while still having access to your instructor the entire time.

Learn Over 20 Different Peanut Conditioning Exercises: 

  • Strength Exercises:
 Strength exercises on the peanut offer premium exercises for sporting and active dogs because they tie together contraction of the primary movers of the limbs with the smaller muscles contracting that stabilize the joints and spine.

  • Balance Exercises:
    To improve your dog's performance, you must improve their core strength and lateral stability, not just between forelimbs and hindlimbs alone but contralaterally from forelimb to hindlimb. 

  • Jump Exercises & Cardio Learn how you can get your dog jumping across, around and off the peanut to create a physically demanding exercises that will improve your dog's strength, balance, coordination and cardio vascular conditioning.

  • Behavior Exercises:
 In addition to improving overall behavior, single and combination obedience behaviors can help performance dogs because they require the physical strength to perform the movement correctly. In addition behavioral combination allow us to create dynamic challenges for each behavior, throughout the entire combination. 

  • Fun Games & Skills Rolling, tipping, and tugging, these peanut games will help your dog develop supreme body awareness, balance coordination and control, while having fun and building trust with your dog so they will perform to their maximum ability.

One Piece Conditioning: The Peanut

Creating Dynamic Challenges

In this lesson, Jeris and Rue demonstrate how you can use the peanut to create dynamic challenges that teach your dog to engage their adductors during movements. Pressure can be adjust before a movement, during a movement or at the end of a movement. The implementing the concept of dynamic challenges recreates the realities of  canine sports or an active lifestyle and will help prevent and improve performance.


5 star rating

Title name is appropriate; self explanatory

Andrea Davis

As with the previous course that I completed, very good job! I started implementing a few exercises, but decided to just watch the whole thing and then I wi...

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As with the previous course that I completed, very good job! I started implementing a few exercises, but decided to just watch the whole thing and then I will go through them again to practice the positioning of myself, the equipment and where exactly my dog needs to be on the equipment. I am extremely excited to implement the jumps and the rolling, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the demos and explanations/breakdowns of all exercises and how to put them together. Once again, I appreciate you giving me access to the course material for 1 year as opposed to 3 months as I suspect I will be watching and reviewing often. I look forward to taking the other courses that you offer. Will you ever film and share an entire class? That would be super interesting to watch!! Thank you again, Andrea

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5 star rating

One Piece Workouts; The Peanut

Diana Bistagne

The peanut class is a wonderfully thorough and complete class. I appreciated and found value in each area Jeris covers regarding this piece of fitness equipm...

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The peanut class is a wonderfully thorough and complete class. I appreciated and found value in each area Jeris covers regarding this piece of fitness equipment; beginning with discussing the function and benefits of the peanut itself, safety for the dog, the handler’s ability to understand what to watch for as the dog works on the peanut including what the dog’s reactions and movements on the equipment is telling, how to assist the dog through the exercises, adjust the difficulty for the dog and then progressing to exercises with instruction that assures we can use this equipment for full benefit to the dog very safely. His in-depth presentation of how the exercises are structured to specifically benefit the conditioning/fitness of the dog is another great aspect of this course. I was always afraid to use the peanut because I never had a complete picture of how to use it or even specifically why. Now I have started and am very happy with how both my dog and I are doing.

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About Your Instructor

The Martial ARFS Owner

Jeris Pugh

Jeris Pugh has been studying canine behavior through practice, publications and live seminars for the past 15 years. He's attended lectures from veterinary behavior experts like Dr. Ian Dunbar, founder of Associations of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and Dr. Lynn Seibert, President of The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB).  After years of training dogs privately for obedience and competing in disc dog competitions throughout the Northeast, he realized there was something lacking in the dog training world. He set out to create a program that would not only improve dog's behavior, but give them an outlet for their excess energy, and improve their ability to perform their sport or maintain an active life. His experiences beyond the canine world that were instrumental in achieving that goal.He utilized his experience in teaching and training in the martial arts to combine the concepts of positive reinforcement dog training and the physical outlet that comes along with a martial arts class in order to create the original concept for The Martial ARFS. Under the guidance of his partner, Eve Pugh DVM CVA, CCRP, he used the principles he learned performing and providing functional training for human athletes and substituted canine rehabilitative exercises, canine balance, coordination and body awareness drills, and canine sports activities in order to create functional fitness training programs. However, a one of kind dog training program is only as beneficial as someone's ability to reach people with it. So in 2013, he open the first Martial ARFS facility on Long Island NY (Just 20 minutes outside NYC). Because of this dense population of the NYC metro area The Martial ARFS has become a high volume training center with as many as 60 new dogs per month. As a result, over the past 9 years The Martial ARFS has become the center piece for improving health, behavior or just a fun place for dog owners and their dogs.   The success Martial ARFS  has enabled Jeris to worked with a number of veterinarians across Long Island and NYC to provide programs for their specific clients. Countless General Practitioners, as well as specialist in Surgery, Neurology  and even Oncology have sent their clients to The Martial ARFS for general fitness, conditioning, or weight loss. To continue the process of bringing The Martial ARFS to more and more dog owners, Jeris is now expanding The Martial ARFS brand with additional facilities and online training so that people throughout the US and the world will be able to benefit from The Martial ARFSHe, along with The Martial ARFS has been featured in numerous articles from, PetMD, Dogster, The I Love Dogs Site, Dog ID', and Natural Awakenings with articles on canine fitness, behavior, and the concept of The Martial ARFS itself.